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Robin Ginenthal, soprano

Hello! I have been teaching, performing and living in Boston for over 30 years. I routinely work with vocalists who sing many different styles of music, from classical to pop, jazz to rock and everything in between. I work with all levels of singers, beginner to advanced, whether you are working on a recording project, preparing for a show or just singing for your own enjoyment. I love to teach and would love to work with you!

"Robin is an amazing voice teacher, and I say that having studied with quite a few teachers. She has vastly improved my singing. She's like a medical doctor-- she can diagnose your particular issues (physically -- what's going on with how you're using your instrument, etc.) and work with you to improve. One of the great things about Robin is that she works to maximize YOUR style without imposing a style on you. This means that she can help singers of any genre (rock, pop, R&B, jazz, classical, etc.) to be their best. Plus, she's a warm and wonderful person, she really cares about her students!"

"Robin Ginenthal is one of the most comprehensive instructors I've ever had. Her technical knowledge is vast, and she finds creative ways to impart it, always making sure that any technical changes inform and improve the artistry of the performer. She's really good at seeing what's already there, and finding a way to heighten and finesse it. With her, I was able to get a really clear tone throughout my range, and my range actually expanded A LOT--maybe a minor third--in a couple months. Amazing. She's also a very warm, personable, and open human being. We'd get a lot done in our lessons but there was, somehow, always time to talk and get to know each other as people. If you're looking for a teacher with a strong classical foundation, who can teach a variety of styles, with a nice mix of technique and creative insight, I highly recommend Robin. She's also great for expanding rep! I got a lot of interesting pieces from her that are still in my book. She also knows tons of "tricks" to produce a uniform sound that I still incorporate into my warmups/rehearsals all the time. An amazing resource, teacher, and friend!"

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